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Feel free to send comments, criticisms, worshipful adulation, or promises to obey me, your Lord and Saviour, in perpetuity :) However, you should keep the following caveats in mind:

  1. I reserve the right to publish your comments on my website.

  2. If you are a creationist or a religious fundamentalist:

    • There's a very good chance that I've seen your arguments before. Check the Arguments page first, especially the Database. You might also want to check out some of the entries on my Hate Mail page. You may think it's completely original when you regurgitate "talking points" from or or Dr. Behe's "Darwin's Black Box", but it's not. Many have gone before you. I've seen and I followed Dr Behe's public humiliation on the stand in the case of Kitzmiller vs Dover Area School District in Dover PA where he was forced to admit under oath that astrology is just as much of a legitimate science as intelligent design. Don't think I haven't seen these arguments before.

    • Do not leap to the conclusion that I hate your God or worship your Satan. In order to hate your God or worship your Satan, I would have to believe that they exist. As far as I'm concerned, they're like characters in movies. You can say that you think a character in a movie is a bad guy, but that doesn't mean you really hate him, the way you would hate a real person.

    • Do not leap to the conclusion that I think all Christians are ignorant or immoral. There are many millions of Christians in the world who are not creationists or fundamentalists.

    • You should not react defensively when I refer to Christianity as irrational. By basing its perception of reality on faith rather than observation and logic, Christianity is unabashedly irrational (not for nothing did Martin Luther attack Reason as the enemy of Christianity). Irrationality can have a legitimate place in modern society; romantic love between a man and a woman, after all, is completely irrational. But it has no place in science.

    • I do not owe the public anything. I have no obligation whatsoever to post your angry remarks or tone down my criticisms. You paid nothing to visit my website, nobody forced you to come here, and if you disagree with my position, you are free to create your own website instead of whining about mine.

    • The correct way to refute my arguments is to find something wrong with my factual premises, or something wrong with my logic. The incorrect way is to angrily demand that I alter them so they won't offend you.

    • If you're going to accuse me of being a liar, getting my facts wrong, committing an array of logical fallacies, or being guilty of the same things I accuse fundamentalists of, here's a hint: provide specific examples, and explain why they qualify as examples.

    • Before commenting on what is and isn't scientific, please take the time to learn how the scientific method works. Try to understand the scientific philosophy. If you will not make a sincere effort to do that, then you are arguing from ignorance.

    • Even if you may disagree with my interpretation of the Bible (and I'm sure you do), the fact remains that I own one and I've taken the time to read it. I also own a copy of a Jehovah's Witness book attacking evolution, which I have also read because it provides a useful summary of the most common creationist arguments. Ask yourself if you've ever taken the time to read one of Richard Dawkins' or Niles Eldridge's books, or even Darwin's original "Origin of Species". Do you own even a single book advocating evolution? If not, why not? Are you afraid you might see something in there that makes sense?

  3. Due to pressing time constraints, I cannot promise I will respond to your E-mail quickly, or at all. I receive dozens of E-mail messages every single day, and if I responded to all of them, I would have no time for a life. Two dozen messages at 5 minutes per message works out to 2 hours every day, which I simply cannot afford. Please do not interpret silence as a snub. I wish I could respond to every E-mail, but my family takes precedence over my website.

If you have read and understood the list of caveats and you still wish to send mail, then please fill in the form below:


Last updated: September 7, 2004