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M. Allensworth

[Editor's note: nothing special about this one]

Was looking at the 'Bigotry section' you put together. Incredibly one-sided, lame brained and sadly-misguided.

You've got the "insults" part down. Do you have any actual logical arguments to go along with it? No? I thought not.

Had no idea you were a fundamentalist Atheist.

No such thing as a fundamentalist atheist. But it's obvious you prefer labels to actual arguments.

Part of Secular Humanism's 5th column are these sordid kinds of platitudes which mean nothing to anyone save for their adherants.

Care to back up any of this vitriol, or is your intellect not up to the task?

If you swap the words 'Jew' or 'Freemason' for 'Christian' in your writings, I think that both brother John Birch or Herr Adolph would quickly recognize the style and become a fan.

I can't swap the words "Jew" for "Christian" in my writings because my writings are largely about specific Christian atrocities committed throughout history, by people such as your beloved Herr Adolf.

[Editor's note: not to mention specific atrocities in the Bible itself]

Please remember that wiping your ass with mass religion in general makes you out to be an idiot.

This coming from someone who can't produce a single logical argument to support his case.

[Editor's note: certain people will always assume that any attack on the Bible represents an assault on "mass religion in general", won't they?]

Have a nice day Trekkie boy.

Obviously, your ability to comprehend my site is no better than your ability to overcome your religious indoctrination. You have my pity.

[Editor's note: where did he get the idea that I'm a Trekkie? Personally, I thought Star Trek Voyager was one of the worst pieces of sci-fi dreck to ever hit the airwaves]

PS-did you come up with this garbage while sitting line for Phantom Menace for 4 weeks running or was it when you picked up the blow up JarJar collection? Just checking.

I came up with it while reading books. It's something you should try doing yourself sometime.

Last updated: August 5, 2001

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